Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Conforming to society

I will be going to the shop today because that is what I say!

I feel like in this day in age everyone is doing things because "it is in style." Everyone must load up on the latest gossip, get the newest piece of technology, wear fashionable clothes, and do what everyone else is doing because they are afraid to be unique and left in the dark. Since when has it been cool to be a carbon copy of your best friend or a famous star? I was never the one to be like everyone else, in school everyone doubted me and made fun of me because I was the "freak." What made them say that about me, the way I dressed and my I don't care what you think about me attitude. This is how I feel everyone is now a days (refer to above photo), no one is able to think for themselves and that is very sad. I believe I would much rather be hated for being myself than loved for being someone else!

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